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AFSSA, The Association for French Studies in Southern Africa/Association des Etudes Françaises en Afrique Austral, was founded in 1970 and is a non-profit organisation. The Association brings together researchers in French language and literature and teachers of French at all levels. AFSSA’s objective is to promote French studies in Southern Africa. Our members are mainly from countries in the region, such as South Africa, Botswana, Swaziland, Lesotho, Mozambique, Zimbabwe, but also from Europe and the United States. They are university lecturers, school teachers, students or simply individuals who love the French language and culture (see link to enrolment form). The Association also groups regional clusters of school teachers of French whose chairpersons act as a further link between AFSSA and schools. The AFSSA committee is made up of representatives from French Departments in South African universities and from regional French teacher associations (see link to Committee).



Every two years AFSSA organises an international conference consisting of two platforms: the first intends to enable scholars of French literature and language to showcase their work and interact with colleagues; the second allows for reflection on theoretical and practical aspects relative to the teaching of French. The participation of guest speakers of international repute ensures the quality of the proceedings.


The Association produces two publications:

French Studies in Southern Africa

a scholarly journal which is accredited nationally and published once a year. All submissions are evaluated by an editorial board with national and international members (See link to FSSA).

L'Echo des profs

a newsletter which is specifically designed for school teachers. The aim of this newsletter is to serve as a platform for the exchange of ideas and pedagogical resources (see link to Echo des profs).


AFSSA works in close partnership with the French Embassy in South Africa and benefits from its grants to finance various initiatives. Members can obtain financial support for the hosting of conferences, the setting up of projects, the development of teaching material, for the acquisition of resources or to attend AFSSA conferences.
AFSSA is also affiliated to the FIPF (Fédération Internationale des Professeurs de Français).